Tree Services


Many of the branch failures we find are the result of week crotches. An arborist can inspect your trees and identify those at risk from storm damage.

Deer Tick Control

We use a photo-degradable product that is very effective at controlling tick populations. Deer browsing repellents are also available. Learn more about. Deer Tick Control ยป


Virtually all tree pathologists agree the single best thing for trees is to keep them in top vigor. We provide deep root liquid injection, deep root pellet injection, foliar fertilizer spray, or Mauget trunk injections. All have their advantages. We can help you decide which is best for your trees.

Poison Ivy Control

We can eliminate poison ivy from your property in an environmentally responsible way. Guaranteed.

Tree Pruning

Trees are pruned to preserve and promote their health and appearance, to insure safety, to let sunlight and winds pass through and to give a property a more open, spacious feel.

Special Services

Hand pruning of foundation plantings, gutter cleaning, trade referral service.

Spraying and Pest Control

Our philosophy is to use products with little or no mammalian toxicity while achieving proper control. Whenever possible our products are bio- and photo-degradable.

Tree Stump Removal/Grinding

Unsightly stumps are a thing of the past. We have equipment to remove stumps with minimal damage to the lawn.

Full list of the services we supply:
Pest control
Deer Tick Control
Fertilization/Deep root fertilization
Insect and disease diagnosis and treatment (woolly adelgid, gypsy moth, caterpillars)
Tree Service & Consultation
Poison ivy control
Horticultural Oil
Dormant Oil
Tree stump grinding & routing
Bucket truck work/ Aerial lift truck
Cherry picker
Rhododendren sprays
Tree felling/Take downs
Hand pruning/Shrubbery pruning
Orchard maintenance
Fruit tree care & pruning